Watching your toddler take charge of the wheels is priceless. Besides the health benefits associated with bike riding, biking instills a sense of freedom and independence in your child. Much as biking has numerous benefits, safety is a real concern to parents.

With Tykesbykes balance bike, you can forget about the many falls and skinned knees that come with bike riding. Balance bikes are designed in such a way that your kid straddles on the bike and propels herself by using their feet on the ground, this is similar to walking. Children excel when they learn one skill at a time.

This bike allows your child to master how to balance (which is harder than pedaling) before introducing her to pedals. Once your kid figures out the balance part, they can head straight to a standard bike saving you the cost of buying a tricycle bike.

Who is this Bike Designed for?

An ideal bike for your kid should allow your kid to put both feet comfortably on the ground but should be high enough so that they can lift their feet and glide. This 12-inch wheel bike is for children between the ages of 2 to 4 years.

Features of the Tykesbykes Balance Bike:

Tykesbykes Balance Bike

The features are an assurance of comfort, safety, and adventure to the young rider while still maintaining a promise of longevity. Tykesbykes Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers.

After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Tykesbykes Balance Bike is as one of the best in our Product Type List.

Strong Forks Made of Steel:

The frame and the forks have a relationship that cannot be disentangled. Their relationship is like that of steel and aluminum. When aluminum, which is lighter and softer; is combined with steel, which is stronger and denser; the product is nothing less than a high-performance model.

A combination of aluminum and steel also helps work around the weight issue since you do not want a bike that is too heavy for your child to maneuver around.

Moreover, Steel has a way of cushioning jolts and absorbing road noise giving your child a very smooth experience.

Light Frame Made of Alloy:

Forget about the traditional aluminum that was in no way appealing to the eye. This frame is in every bit as glorious as carbon–fiber equivalent.

The difference is that Alloy is softer, lighter while remaining stronger and cheaper. The frames are of different colors that will delight your kid a simple wipe is all this bike needs to maintain cleanliness.

Grab Handle:

A helmet, knee, and elbow pads are all essential accessories needed for a younger rider. This set is not complete without a grab handle. The Tykesbykes has a small seat belt that straps your child on the bike seat.

Besides restraining your child, just in case of a fall, the grab handle will instill a sense of security and confidence in your kid as you usher her to the unknown.

Wide Profile Air Tires:

When shopping for your Child’s bike, keep off from tires made from foam, rubber, or plastic. These materials are best for experienced riders who can handle the impact on the road or pavement.

The ideal tires for a kid’s bike are air tires that provide cushion, soften the impact, and extra traction even on rough surfaces.

Plastic Hand Grip:

Apart from providing a comfortable grip to your kid when riding, the Tykesbykes has a plastic handgrip that acts as a safety feature in the rare event of an accident.

Much as it is uncommon for your toddler to experience falls with a balance bike, they could also dash into a wall or a tree. The handgrips, therefore, are designed to protect your child’s hands from hitting the ground.


  • It’s lightweight
  • Air tires that provide extra cushion and traction
  • Affordable pricing
  • Durable


  • Does not perform well for very rough terrains

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Ages are Best Suited for this Bike?

A. The Tykesbykes 12’’ wheel is best for children of ages between 2 to 4 years past this the bike may be too small for ages past this.

Q. How Durable is this Bike?

A. The Tykebykes 12’’ wheel is will last a lifetime. The only challenge you may experience is flat tires a common problem with air tires.

Q. Does the Bike Come Assembled?

A. Yes, this bike is 85% assembled. The remaining 15% are can be assembled with simple instructions from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict:

This bike provides the answer to whether balance bikes are worth all that hype. TYKEBYKES has been carefully crafted to make that first ride fun and safe.

There couldn’t be a better replacement to the training wheel. TYKEBYKES will model your toddler into a grand rider. This bike is worth every penny.