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Best PlaSmart Plasma Bikes – Reviews

An excellent toy bike should be reliable, easy to use, and able to remove anxiety from a kid during their training. It should also be lightweight and easy for the kid to use. Does the PlaSmart PlasmaBike tick all the above boxes? Is it like any other bike that has appeared in the market before or it gives us something new?

Let’s evaluate the features of this kid sports gadget to establish the facts. PlaSmart PlasmaBike is a toy bike that is meant to improve the confidence of your kid as they transition to riding age. It is designed uniquely to fit the expectations of your kid.

It fosters balance, motor skills, and coordination of the kid’s feet as they enjoy riding at the same time. You do not need to be there all the time to move it because the kid will carry it around when they are tired.

PlaSmart PlasmaBike features

PlaSmart PlasmaBike is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put PlaSmart PlasmaBike is a one of the best on our balance bike List.

Requires no batteries, gears, or pedals  

The absence of batteries means that there is no consumption of power and there is little risk of injury for your child as they learn to ride.

There is no kickstand on the bike and better still, there is no pedal.

It is a great relieve and fun for your child to learn to ride without having to tire because of the absence of training wheels in this particular bike.

A stable polypropylene seat

This seat is not adjustable for height and therefore the kid doesn’t have to seek balance all the time.

They, therefore, shift their focus onto the fun of riding and the development of courage and confidence. The seat is also made of a material that is strong and safe as it carries children of a weight of up to 551b.

Wide polypropylene and comfortable steering wheels

This combination provides a platform to enhance stability for the kid as the bike is not susceptible toppling and falling. This boosts the control of the balance bike and the kid develops a great degree of balancing as well as becoming ready to ride on a two-wheel bike that is soon to be at their disposal.

PlaSmart PlasmaBike steering wheel is of limited adjustment range and therefore does not tire the child since they do not have to control the bike themselves.

A comfortable 18.5″ height and 61b. weight

This height is relatively easy for the kid to jump onto it at any time and with little external support.

The weight on the other hand improves the ease of use of the toy to another level altogether as the kid can carry it when their riding power wanes.

The self-esteem of the kids is boosted as they can carry their source of fun to and from the playground by themselves.

Raised handlebars

The handlebars are place higher than the seat of the bike and this is pretty good for the balance and the sitting and riding posture of the kid.

Additionally, they have adjustable handlebar grips that enhance easy usage.

The front wheel is designed in such a way that the feet can’t get stuck in it and therefore guaranteeing safety for the young one.


  • It lightweight and even your three year old kid can be able to carry it around because it weighs less than 6lbs.
  • Additionally, it is always stable that even if it is pushed, it doesn’t topple easily therefore ensuring little risk that your kid can get injured while using it.
  • The edges of the bike are rounded hence no chance of injury due to sharp edges.


  • There is risk of that it chocks your child especially if they are is less than three years old.
  • The seat and handlebars height is not adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the bike ride on all floor surfaces?

A:The plasma bike rides on most surfaces quite well. It and does on wood flooring and on cement sidewalks as well as on carpet. However it fails when it comes to grass surfaces.

Q: Is it the same size as the normal bikes?

A:No. The bike is just a toy and therefore is smaller because its purpose is to prepare the kid to be confident for future riding.

Final verdict

Summarily, the above review shows that the PlaSmart PlasmaBike is easy to use, appealing and reliable for your kids. It is such kind of a toy that fosters the required confidence that a kid requires as they prepare to ride in their later stages of development.

It can be a wonderful addition to your toy room and can spur smooth transition to real life conventional 2 wheel riding for your kid. Why don’t you get one for your kid?


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