When considering the right scooter for you, it is always essential for you to consider safety and also ease of use among other factors. A scooter that comes with this combination is always a better choice. So read the complete Monorover R2 review here before buying it. Two-wheel scooters are particularly convenient since they are very easy to use and also they are conveniently designed to access different areas. Though this is the case, there are always variations in these scooters and it is always recommendable that you know some of the specifics before purchasing one. Mobility scooters have been specifically designed to improve your access to certain places, your scooter should guarantee this. Being conveniently designed,  the right speed range has an effective battery capacity and is usable by both children and also adults. The scooter is also durable so that once purchased, the hustles of buying another one are done with. The above 2 wheels balancing scooter has been specifically designed to meet not only some of the stated features but all of them and it has additional advantages which are specifically associated with different users. Here follows the complete Monorover R2 review with all available colors and features.

Two colors are available with this model.  White and black color

Features of MonoRover R2 self-balancing scooter

  1. It is designed as an electric scooter for children and also for adults. Once a household purchases this scooter, they will definitely share it without any worries.
  2. Has been designed with a Double balancing system, this is specifically to enable you to keep your balance. This makes the use of this scooter very easy, even when you are in not very accessible areas.
  3. The battery has been designed with a long endurance of around 17-20 KM range per charge. This is quite the right distance for scooters. Going beyond this distance is definitely a misuse of this equipment, though due to emergencies or fun some people go beyond this distance. The best thing is that it has been designed with the right charging ability not to affect any other electrical appliances in a given location.
  4. Quite convenient for everyday use. It has a speed of 12 Km/hr. This is definitely the right speed for a scooter. You are neither moving too fast nor too slow.
  5. The maximum elevation, this scooter can handle comfortably is 15 degrees, generally who would be using a scooter over 15 degrees elevation? It has also been designed with 0 degrees of corners. This means that you turn in any area without any stress.
  6. This scooter is very light and also portable. It has a weight of 10 KG. This means that these scooters can easily be carried across areas where they cannot be used.
  7. It has been designed using a double balancing system, this makes the users have the right balances at all times
  8. Acceleration is very easy and basically involves, applying pressure to the front of your feet. Just a similar manner to how you use your car. The two motors can be controlled within the wheals by use of both feet. This makes it very easy for turns, rotation, acceleration, and also smooth breaking.

Specifications of MonoRoverR2

  1. Maximum load:100 kg
  2. Body weight:10 kg
  3. Dimensions 23*7.3*7 inch
  4. Range per charge 2-3h
  5. Battery capacity 36v/4.4AH
  6. The maximum riding angle is 15 degrees, though this varies with the riders weight, temperature, and also road condition
  7. Range per charge 20 km
  8. Maximum speed:12 km
  9. Tire size: 7 Inch
  10. Weight: 22 pounds


Monorover R2 two-wheel balancing scooter has been designed with convenience in mind. No extra hustles are associated with the use of this scooter. This scooter will not only meet the expectation of effective mobility, but the use of this scooter is very fun and also enjoyable. Both children and also their parents can share the use of this device. It has two motors to make its power to be at the right levels and also ensure efficient control and acceleration. This scooter has the ability to make a 360-degree turn on the spot. This means that this scooter can be used in areas that others can’t access. The ability of the battery to hold sufficient amounts of battery voltages is basically a very good aspect of this scooter. You can watch how to use this scooter by following this video.