Do you want to introduce your child to a great new world of fun and excitement? Glide Bikes have just what you need. The manufacturer released the Mini Glider balance bike on November 1, 2013. Ed Mendillo, a passionate mountain biker, developed Glide Bikes to teach his daughter how to ride and have fun at the same time.

This Bike is perfect for teaching children how to balance when cycling. It is an ideal toy for toddlers to play with and learn the techniques of riding pedal bikes. The high-quality Mini Glider balance bike is made of a strong metal frame. It has a beautiful and attractive design and your child will love it.

It is the best bike to help your child learn the balancing tricks needed to ride a pedal bike. The foam tires are durable and never get punctured. This is an advantage to children who can do not need to worry about tire repairs. With this bike, you won’t have to assist your children to learn to ride.

For Whom is the Product Ideal?

This attractive Mini Glider balance bike is ideal for children between the ages of three to six years.

Features of Glide Mini Glider Balance Bike – Pink:

Glide Mini Glider Balance Bike

The Mini Glider balance bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put the Mini Glider balance bike is as one of the best in our Product Type List.

High Quality Alloy EVA Airless Tires:

Eva foam tires do not get a puncture and there is never any need to add air. Children play without worrying about the tires.

The front wheel’s position that is well before the handlebar protects the child from tipping over handlebars.

The Mini Glider balance bike is stable and the child’s weight is even over the rear wheel. The foam tires are strong and make the Gilder Bike easy to maneuver around.

Adjustable Seat:

Many parents will be happy with this feature. The seat is easily adjustable and can be raised as the child grows. The assembly is simple and minimal. The Glide Bikes Pink Mini Glider keeps its promise of staying with the child.

Brake Lever:

This beautiful Mini Glider balance bike -pink has child-size brakes that fit well in children’s hands. The brakes are on the handlebar and a child helps the child to control and stop the bike with ease. Children will love the freedom to control the bike with just a simple hand squeeze on the brakes.

Adjustable Handlebar:

The Mini glider comes with an adjustable handlebar. The handlebar moves to either down or forward, and back or up. The adjustments help in arm alignment as the child grows. The bike has a similar design to the mountain bike.

The front-wheel position in front of the handle protects the child from tipping over the handlebar. The absence of pedals in the Glider Bike helps in making desired adjustments without worrying about the child’s height.

This is an added advantage to parents. One Glide Bikes Pink Mini Glider is all a child needs to transition to a pedal bike.

Aluminum Frame:

The high-quality frame made of aluminum alloy is strong and durable. It is light in weight and a child does not require help to lift the bike. The frame is durable and both the paint and material used in the frame are non-toxic.


  • The bike is light in weight
  • The aluminum alloy is weather very resistant
  • The Adjustable seat makes great savings for parents
  • The tires do not need repairs


  • Footrest with little purpose
  • Wide rear wheel

Frequently Asked Questions:

For Who is the Bike Ideal?

A. The product is ideal for children aged between three to six years.

Does the Child Need the Parent’s Assistance to Learn Balancing?

A. The Bike alone is enough to guide the child in the learning process.

Final Verdict:

If you have fallen in love with kids cycling and would love a balance bike that makes this love last, then I would definitely suggest the balance bike. The Mini Glider balance bike is perfect and stands out as durable and light in weight.

It gives your child fun and excitement while learning the balancing tactics. It is an adjustable and great saving for you. The bike is reasonably priced and worth buying for your child.