Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Your Kids
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Best Knee and Elbow Pads for Your Kids & Toddlers (2021 Reviews)

Best Elbow and Knee Pads for Kids and Toddlers

Strider Elbow and Knee Pads for Kids

Strider Elbow and Knee Pads for Kids

Elbow and knee pads go a long way in providing impact protection for high-speed collisions. Additionally, they can save biking kids from broken knees or twisted elbows. Any biking kid who has fallen on their knees while wearing elbow and knee pads can attest to this.

In most children’s heads, this sort of gear is totally unnecessary as it does not make them appear cool, but for any child who takes interest in balance biking, their parents or guardian needs an established source to consult for safety advice. And this source will tell them one thing: Elbow and knee pads are a must.

While it would be preferable to use full-body armor, kids that are a beginner or recreational balance bikers could start by having elbow and knee pads first.  The body armor that is on the market right now is mostly designed to spread the effect of hitting sharp objects.

There exists nothing anywhere in the world that we know of that would really protect kids against broken collarbones, and it is for this reason that kids should remain extra careful even when wearing elbow and knee pads. Any parent or guardian looking to prevent an active kid from harming himself can do more with education than outfitting the kid with any sort of body armor!

Kids Knee Pad Set with Elbow and Gloves

Kids Knee Pad Set with Elbow and Gloves

It is a known fact that the most-used bicycle safety equipment aside from helmets is the glove and it is with good reason. Gloves will protect the biking kid’s skin on the palms of your hands when he or she falls on pavement or any other hard/rough surface.

Some of the gloves are padded to protect the kid’s hands from compression stress from the bars on the rides. The gloves will also keep the kid’s hands warm during the winter season. When a kid bikes through a patch of grass that may cause them a puncture, the gloves will allow them to stop and wipe the glass bits from their tires before the glass fully penetrates it.

(Parents should advise the kids not to attempt to do this while the tire is still moving!) The importance of gloves to a biking kid could never be understated and they are highly recommended.

Parents could buy the washable ones for summer use while for winter they will find that the ones with non-breathable membranes will get wet on every single ride and have to be dried out thoroughly before another use or they become rancid inside. Down mittens are the best and warmest things parents could find their biking kids for winter although they also get wet.

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