Are you looking for a comfortable bike that will teach your kid balancing and coordination? Varso Speedy Balance Bike will help you out on this. This bike is a product of Kettler International, a company that has a lot of experience in the manufacture of kids’ toys that make their growing up be full of fun and comfort.

The manufacturer has ensured the comfort of the kids is taken care of by fitting this bike with soft rubber handgrips. Safety being the priority, this bike has an adjustable height seat that is designed by a child physiotherapist to ensure your child is safe.

The manufacturer has used the latest innovations in the manufacture of this quality and affordable balance bike. This bike is recommended for kids between the age of two years and five years and weight of up to 75 pounds. This is your chance to make your kid’s childhood memories with this adorable bike.

Who is this Product Designed for?

This bike is ideal for kids of age 2-5 years to help them learn on how to balance and coordinate for an easy transition into chain-driven bicycles.

Features Of  Kettler Speedy Balance Bike by Verso

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike by Verso

Kettler Speedy Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Kettler Speedy Balance Bike is as one of the best in our Balance Bike List.

Soft Rubber Hand Grips

The manufacturer has put safety first to ensure that the kids do not suffer blisters that come with holding rough hand grips.

It is for this reason that the manufacturer has fitted this bike with comfortable soft rubber hand grips that take care of both the safety and comfort of the kid.

Through this, the child gets to enjoy and have fun fully without any risks involved.

Limited Turning Steering

The manufacturer has fitted Kettler Speedy Balance Bike with a limited Turning Steering that prevents the kids from tipping while riding.

This ensures that the kid rides without the worry of the bike tipping causing injuries on the baby. This bike has all the qualities that make it worth its affordable cost. You should try this.

10 Inch EVA Maintenance Free Tires

This bike has ten-inch tires that support the weight exerted on it. They do not a lot of maintenance for them to work hence they save on the costs.

They are on sealed ball bearings that ensure smooth riding by the kids. This makes it easy for the kids to ride around without any difficulties.

Adjustable Seat

This product has an adjustable contoured padded seat that is designed by a child physiotherapist making it comfortable and safer for the kids.

This seat can be adjusted according to the height and requirements of the child ensuring that the sitting position does not affect his/her health.

High Carbon Frame

The bike’s frame is made up of carbon. This ensures that it is safe. It also saves on costs as it is durable and helps you avoid spending on repairing or purchasing once it breaks. There is no better and safer bike that helps get your child into cycling except this. Get one for your kid now.


  • It is durable
  • It has an adjustable seat
  • It has rubber grips
  • It has a limited turn steering that prevents tipping.


  • The rubber grips may wear out

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Exact Adjustability Distance of the Seat?

A. The seat can be adjustable at a height of between31-41 cm. It is suitable for all the kids to adjust according to their height and needs.

Q. What is the Maximum Weight that Can be Supported by this Bike?

A. This bike can support up to 75 pounds. This covers a wide range of kids such that none can’t miss qualifying to ride this fun-filled bike.

Q. Does Kettler Company do all the Assembling?

A. Yes, this company does all the assembly as the bike itself is easy and fast to assemble.

Final Verdict

Kettler International has put together details that make this bike safe and comfortable for the kids. Its limited turning steering prevents the kid from tipping while riding.

The child physiotherapist designed an adjustable seat that ensures the kid sits comfortably without the risk of suffering from a body injury.

The 10 inch EVA maintenance-free tires make movement easy and smooth with the aid of the ball bearings. Get your kid this bike now and let him/her learn how to balance and coordinate.