Are you a frustrated parent? Do you have a three-year-old kid who just can’t ride a bike yet? Well, the Classic Balance Bike will relieve you of your worries. With this bike, your kid will learn how to ride within a very short time without the need to use training wheels.

Endorsed by many toy experts, this bike is the easiest way to teach your kid how to ride. This KaZAM Classic Balance Bike does not only teach your kid how to ride, but it helps them have the best balancing skills that are essential for riding a bike.

It is a high-performance bike for kids training to ride. This bike is very famous for its looks, the only bike that offers your child a footrest .your child can actually lift up their legs and position them on the footrest naturally, maintaining a low center of gravity which is essential for balance.

Who is this Bike Designed for?

This amazingly famous bike is designed for three to five-year-olds who are learning how to balance while riding.

Main Features of the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike:

KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

KaZAM Classic Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put KaZAM Classic Balance Bike is as one of the best in our Product Type List. This bike is well designed with features that will excite not only the kids but their parents too.

Comfortable Footrest:

This is the only bike with a footrest patent on it. The footrest helps your kid to have a natural relaxed feel when they put their feet on it. Since it is well placed at the center, putting the feet on it actually increases the balance of the bike.

The kid can actually use the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike as a scooter down a slope; they don’t have to keep running around with it all the time.

The best of all is that the footrest comes attached to the frame all catered for in the bike price, you need not buy it separately.

The Rubber Tires and Breaks:

Have you thought of your kid riding and balancing on flat smooth surfaces without sliding? Well, the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike tires are made of rubber to ensure a good grip on the surface.

Your kid will enjoy the ride safely. The bolts on the tires are also well covered with rubber to ensure maximum safety, even when your kid falls with this bike the metallic bolts will not hurt them.

Unique Design:

It offers its customers a choice of either having or not having breaks on the Classic Balance Bike. There are those that have brakes while others don’t have breaks. The customer, therefore, chooses what is best for them. Of course, breaks add an extra safety layer.

Comfortable Handle Bars and Seat:

The handlebars of the amazing bike are very strong and sturdy. They will not break easily, you can be sure your kid will use this bike for quite a long time.

The handlebars are designed to be wide enough to ensure balance. Your kids will not fall off the bike easily.

The seat is very well centrally placed for balance. It is also very comfortable, your kid will love the riding experience with it.

Adjustable Saddle:

Have you thought of a bike that is well-created to fit not just your younger kid but even the older one? Then the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike is the reality of your thoughts. It comes with an adjustable saddle that suits even taller kids or shorter ones of varied ages. The saddle is well cushioned to ensure comfort even when the child seats on the bike for a long time.


  • The 12-inch frame makes this bike very sturdy
  • The unique fixed footrest is centrally placed to enhance balancing and comfort
  • You have an option of choosing a bike with or without brakes
  • It meets the safety standards set for balance bikes


  • The bike is too heavy for kids below 3 years
  • The rubber tires are not very suitable for bumpy riding surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions – KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

What is the Most Ideal Age for this Bike?

For boys, it can serve both boys and girls aged from 2 and a half to five years old.

Are the Rare Bolts Covered with Caps?

No, you will buy the caps separately.

Final Verdict:

The fact that the KaZAM Classic Balance Bike comes with a footrest makes this bike very unique. The kid can actually rest their feet on it without fatigue. The bike has a very strong and durable frame, very ideal for you if you don’t plan to buy bikes every year.

The KaZAM Bike is the ideal training bike for your growing kids. Well designed to enhance balancing as they have an experience quite close to the real pedaled bike.