Watching your child succeed in their first bike ride is a thrilling yet exciting feeling. This moment is an unforgettable experience for both you and your child. Get the Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike for your kid and be proud as you watch them mount on this exciting journey.

There are a bunch of bicycles in the market, but the Joovy Bicycoo beats them all. With an aluminum frame, this bike is lightweight yet sturdy and highly durable. It provides balance and stability for your child by having extra-wide, pneumatic, and refillable tires.

It has a rear brake that is adjustable. Learning to ride a cycle is a rite of passage for most children. Why not make it exciting for your child with the Joovy Bicycoo.

Who Is This Product Designed For?

  • Little kids learning to ride bikes

Features Of Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike:

joovy bicycoo bmx balance bike

Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike is as one of the best on our Balance bike List.

Inflatable Rubber Tires:

Many materials have been used to make tires, but none of them comes close to the effectiveness of rubber tires. Joovy Bicycoo BMX comes with inflatable rubber tires that are best for absorbing shock. Rubber also expands traction over uneven surfaces.

Rubber tires deform creating a larger contact patch than the size of the actual size of the tire. They are extra wide to provide stability for the young one. Rubber tires also have a longer lifespan than other tires.

Aluminum Frame:

The bicycle comes with a sturdy aluminum frame that enables the little one to control the wheel with much ease. In the cycling world today, aluminum frames have become a fixture and the youngsters have not been left behind for they have Joovy Bicycoo to show.

The aluminum frame is not prone to rust like the standard steel structures making it safe for your child to ride. The frame makes this ride be a well-rounded, high-quality bike yet relatively inexpensive.

Hand Brake:

Most kids’ balance bikes do not have hand brakes, but the Joovy Bicycoo puts your kid’s safety first by containing a rare tire brake. A hand brake comes in handy when the little biker starts to gain more confidence and speed on the track.

The braking system is easy to operate and adjust, and even the rider can learn to do it on their own. A front wheel break can pose a high risk for the biker flipping when breaking.

Adjustable Seat:

An adjustable seat is important for your child’s safety. With Joovy Bicycoo, the young biker has the added benefit of having their feet firmly on the ground.

The variable seat height allows the kid to sit comfortably while he uses his legs to slow down, push off and stabilize himself. For better balance, make sure that the child’s feet are firm on the ground with their knees slightly bent. The seats also have soft cushion pads that offer extra comfort.

Smooth and Easy to Control:

A bicycle should offer a child confidence when they are riding. The Joovy Bicycoo BMX allows the kid to be in total control of the bike. It has no pedal thus the riders control it by their feet.

They get to choose which direction they want the wheels to go when to stop, when to slow down and when to accelerate. With all these features, it will take just several days for the young biker to perfect their riding skills.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Seat is adjustable
  • Handbrakes
  • Tires offer a smooth ride
  • Inflatable rubber tires


  • Hard to assemble

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is the Bike Lightweight?

A. An ideal child’s bike should be light to enable the child to have maximum control over it

Q. What is the Quality of the Wheels?

A. The wheels are pure rubber which is the strongest durable material for wheels. They are broad offering the child stability

Q. How do I Know the Right Bike Size for My Child?

A. Choosing the right bike size for your kid can be difficult but not impossible. The Joovy Bicycoo comes with an adjustable seat that can comfortably fit most young bikers globally

Final Verdict:

Biking is a form of exercise for both adults and children. Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike offers kids an incredible experience with pneumatic tires that offer a smooth ride for the toddler. The brand comes with a height-adjustable seat that provides comfort for the biker regardless of their size.

The aluminum construction is lightweight just like high-end bikes. It has inflatable tires that give a smooth ride and are easy to control. Distinct from other models that use EVA plastic tires, the Joovy Bicycoo uses rubber tires that do not wear out quickly. You can never go wrong with this high-quality bike.