It’s conceivable you’ve had difficulty starting your vehicle, which is understandable. You might be feeling less worried until you find out that the steering wheel is locked. How to remove steering wheel lock without key? When the steering wheel locks, you won’t be able to turn the ignition key. This could occur due to a multitude of factors. In this article, I’ll show you how to unlock a steering wheel without a key. Doesn’t it appear to be impossible? It’s certainly a possibility.

The steering wheel locks when the key is unintentionally pulled from the ignition. The car behaves in this way because it was built to keep the driver and passengers safe. The car’s ability to stop even if the key is not put in the ignition socket is one of its distinctive features. This incredible technology keeps your car from moving if the brakes fail or if it is parked on a sloped surface.

But before we get into it, I’ll go over how to disable steering wheel without key and what causes them to lock.

Reason For the Steering Wheel to Lock

You might be perplexed as to why your steering wheel has suddenly locked up despite the fact that you haven’t done anything to it. The wheels are locked for a number of reasons.

1- To Ensure Safety

The wheel will be locked to prevent undesired movement when you turn off your automobile and remove the key. On the other side, it protects your car from thieves who use a hotwire method to take it. This feature is kept in your car by modern car makers to increase the safety of your vehicle.

2- Problems with the Power Steering Pump

We used to steer the wheel using our muscles, which has since been replaced in modern cars by the use of a power steering pump. As an outcome, it’s simple to turn the steering wheel in any direction. Your steering wheel will be locked if the steering pump becomes clogged owing to dirt, debris, or a broken steering bush.

3- Making a Lot of Sharp Turns

One of the causes of steering wheel lockup is if you are constantly in the mood to take abrupt turns. While you may not be paying extra attention while making quick turns, it is causing damage to your car’s transmission and engine. The power steering pump may become stuck as a result of more fast turns, resulting in a car steering wheel lock.

4- Using an Ignition Key with a Broken Mechanism

You may occasionally encounter a car ignition lock or a car key that refuses to turn, even after repeated attempts. At that point, you won’t be able to use a key to unlock the steering wheel. If the ignition key is broken, you won’t be able to start or stop the car. You could also be subjected to sudden lockup, which is extremely dangerous for you. You must grasp how to unlock the steering wheel without key.

Things You Need to Unlock Steering Wheels Without Key

There are three ways for solving how to disable steering wheel lock. You don’t even need an array of equipment to unlock your car’s steering wheel. In your toolkit, you’ll find everything you’ll need to figure out “how to unlock steering wheel without a key”:

  • Screwdrivers
  • WD40
  • A set of sockets

How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key?

Let’s look at the three simple techniques how to bypass the steering wheel lock.

Technique 1: Unlocking the Steering Wheel by Yourself

Technique 2: Loosening Sticky Locks to Unlock

Technique 3: Using An Ignition Replacement Set to Unlock

I explained each technique in detail. Please read about each technique below.

Technique 1: Unlocking the Steering Wheel by Yourself

There are four phases to this strategy to follow.

  • Attempt to Insert the Key

Attempt to insert the key while simultaneously turning the ignition. You can try rotating the wheel on the opposite side before it locks. If you can’t remember, try it on both sides. If your steering locks as a result of an accident, use this method to swiftly fix it. When spinning the wheel, don’t put too much pressure on it. To avoid further damage to the locking mechanism, use moderate force.

  • Use a Different Key

If the primary key doesn’t work, switch to a different one. Typically, the problem is caused by the ignition key. It’s likely that the previous owner mismanaged the key if you bought the vehicle used.

Or you’re having a hard time dealing with it yourself. Try it with a spare key if you have one. It’s feasible that it will be successful. If the spare key fails, try the primary key again. Most new automobiles, on the other hand, are unlikely to come with extra keys.

  • Try Spraying WD40

Spray WD40 into the ignition key port if steps 1 and 2 fail. The wheel could become locked due to dust, detritus, or solidification in the lock tumblers. WD40 on your stress spots may be able to help you get out of it. After spraying the key with WD40, insert it and twist it back and forth. If this method works, you’ll need to replace your lock cylinder.

  • Place the Key In the Slot and Hammer It

This method may appear unusual, yet it is effective. To see if the key works, try it a few times. A hammer should be used to tap the key halfway into the lock. Make sure you hit the key straight to avoid bending or breaking it.

Technique 2: Loosening Sticky Locks to Unlock

Loosening sticky locks is another way to unlock a steering wheel lock without key.

  • Clean the Keyhole With An Electrical Cleaner

Spray a tiny amount of electrical cleaner into the keyhole once the cylinder has seized. Keep in mind to use only a “little amount” of a sprayer. Insert your key and carefully turn it back and forth to push the lubrication in.

  • Incorporate Canned Air Into the Ignition System

The material lodged in the ignition may prevent the key from turning, resulting in the steering wheel being locked. Insert the straw from the nozzle of the canned air sprayer directly into the keyhole. It will help you clear any debris from the keyhole.

  • Carefully Slide the Key In and Out of the Lock a Few Times

The next step in unlocking the steering wheel without a key is to insert and remove the key from the keyhole gently. The debris may get caught in the pins of the ignition cylinder during the second phase. As a result, gently moving the key will aid in the removal of any debris lodged in the cylinder.

  • Examine the Key for Any Signs of Deformity or Breakage

The rounded or chipped teeth on the key may no longer engage the pins in the ignition cylinder to the depth required to spin it in some situations. As a result, when you enter the key into the ignition, it will not turn.

If the key is too damaged to spin the ignition cylinder, you can replace it. Since replicating the damaged key won’t help you address the problem, you should ask the dealership to work on your car.

Technique 3: Using An Ignition Replacement Set to Unlock

This procedure needs a high level of technological knowledge. However, you should first try the approach described above before attempting this procedure. You may need to seek professional help. You must consult your owner’s manual before attempting this procedure.

  • Take off the Column Panels

Remove the column panels from the steering wheel by removing the screws that support the steering wheel’s bottom. Locate and press the cover’s tab. As a result, the bottom column will effortlessly slide out. You should also get rid of the top column.

  • Release the Cylinder Lock

You’re looking for the lock cylinder. Take the tab off the ignition lock mechanism and twist the key backward until the cylinder pushes backward. Continue this technique a few times to free the lock cylinder.

  • Replace the Ignition Lock System With a New One

Install the new ignition-lock mechanism and try it again with the old key. Now, place the lock cylinder in the steering column as it was before. Before continuing, double-check that the lock tab is completely seated in the lock cylinder. Now check the key for a complete turn. Before you can restore the columns, you must first check that you can do so.

  • Install the Columns Again

Reinstall the columns as soon as possible, starting at the top and working your way down. Check to make sure all of the clips are fully engaged and securely locked. Tighten it tightly so that it is in its proper place.

Tips For Unlocking the Steering Wheel

It’s disturbing when your steering locks up while you’re driving. Here are some brief pointers to keep in mind if this happens:

  • Cleaning the steering pump can help dissolve any solidification causing the steering wheel lock.
  • For lubrication, spray some power steering oil in the ignition hole.
  • Replace the power steering pump if the old one has worn out.
  • Replace your ignition switch system since the old one could be causing your wheel to lock up.
  • Make sure the steering wheel column is clean.
  • Avoid making sharp turns.

FAQs – How to Disable Steering Wheel Lock

When the Car is Turned Off, Why Do the Steering Wheels Lock?

When your vehicle is parked, your car may activate a safety function that causes the steering wheel to lock. The feature may be triggered when you turn off your car and turn the wheels to the left or right. If this happens, one of the lock slots on your steering wheel may become blocked.

What Will Happen if My Steering Wheel Becomes Stuck?

If your steering wheel unexpectedly locks up while driving, you will be unable to turn the wheel to steer out of the road, which could result in a serious car accident if another vehicle is attempting to overtake you. However, power steering leaks, unclean steering fluid, or suspension or steering column failure could contribute.

What Causes a Locked Steering Column?

As you can see, there are typical causes of steering lock: inappropriate key use, frequent tight turns, a defective power steering pump, or a locked ignition. You must move immediately to remedy the reason for the steering wheel lockup once you have identified it.

What Does it Mean to Have an Electrical Steering Column Lock?

The Electronic Steering Column Lock function prevents theft by locking the steering column when the car is turned off, and the driver’s side door is unlocked. The column remains locked until the vehicle is turned on with the key fob available.

Is It Possible for a Steering Wheel to Lock While Driving?

Yes! This is a rare occurrence. Although most modern cars have an automated locking steering system, it is only designed to engage when the vehicle is not in use, such as when it is parked. This is a security and anti-theft feature.

Final Verdict – How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key?

An unlocked steering wheel is one of the most unexpected things because it will prevent you from driving and force you to stay in the same place. You now know how to unlock steering wheel without key, regardless of whether you have the key or not. You should now be aware of the causes of steering wheel lock as well as the many methods for unlocking the steering wheel. As a result, you can use any of the ways listed above to unlock the steering wheel and enjoy hassle-free driving in your automobile.