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Floral Hearts Balance Bike Reviews

Designed for children ranging from two years onwards, Floral Hearts Balance Bike allows children to learn the balancing and motor skills that are necessary for biking, naturally and safely, without having to rely on training wheels. This 2-wheel, pedal-free bicycle allows children to run the bike and eventually learn to coast with their feet up.

This kid-oriented and natural approach to biking usually help kids in developing the confidence to balance the bicycle while moving. In addition, it also liberates them from the crutch of using training wheels.

Floral Hearts Balance Bike helps a child in developing the most important skills that are necessary to ride a 2 wheel bike with pedals during later stages of their life. This bike helps with motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Features Of Floral Hearts Balance Bike

Floral Hearts Balance Bike

Floral Hearts Balance Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Floral Hearts Balance Bike is a one of the best on our balance bike List.


The Floral Hearts Balance Bike comes with standard air inflatable rubber tires. When compared to other balance bicycles that use foam tires, the air tires usually provide more cushions for the riders.

They also tend not to slip less on non-paved surfaces thus allowing the kid to have a stable and all-terrain experience in riding. Furthermore, the tires are well-equipped with long fill valves for secure and easy air pumping.

Body Structure

Floral Hearts Balance Bike is made from birch wood which has been harvested from replenishable sources.

The bike is built using formaldehyde-free glue, lacquer, and non-toxic paints. The carton, in which this bike comes in, is also made from recycled papers that have water-based ink printing.

Limited Radius Steering Wheel

Under normal conditions, when a kid loses control on any moving bike, he tends to turn the handle far to the justify or right. The bike then jackknifes before sending the kid right off the bike. The Floral Heart’s steering wheel has a very limited radius which prevents the child from having to overturn the handle while steering.

Unique Carry-Handle

A unique carry handle has also been incorporated in the bike’s body. The carry handle allows the parent or the child to carry this bike ergonomically and conveniently.

In case the child requires assistance, the carry handle can be used also by the parents to easily hold the bike.


Floral Hearts Balance Bike is constructed using materials from safe and renewable resources. The wooden frame comes from birch wood that is not only renewable but also contributes to the overall lightweight of the bike. The bike also uses formaldehyde glue and non-toxic paint thus it has no harmful effects on the environment.


Floral Hearts Balance Bike goes through several lengths during manufacture to ensure that it complies with safety regulations. The bike is pro-actively tested for defects that can lead to injuries thus ensuring that it is safe for the children.


  • Floral Hearts Balance Bike has an environmentally friendly design thanks to the use of the frame, non-toxic paints, renewable wooden birch wood, and lacquer
  • The bike’s design ensures the safety of the child by having a limited radius of the steering wheel so as to avoid jackknifing
  • The bike is also lightweight which makes it quite easy for children to carry it around.
  • Less expensive than some of its competitors and still manages to offer a good riding experience for the child.
  • The bike is made from high-quality materials thus making it durable
  • It is also easy to assemble


  • The wood frame used to make the bike is not waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Floral Hearts Balance Bike Item Durable?

A: This bike is durable because it has been made by a reputable company while also using high-quality materials.

Q: Is this Bike Easy to Use?

A: The bike is quite easy to use since it does not involve complex processes while assembling it.

Q: What are the Dimensions of the Bike?

A: Floral Hearts Balance Bike weighs 11 lbs and measures26.7 by 16.6″ by 6.1″

Final Verdict

Overall, the Floral Hearts Balance Bike is an affordable option among other balance bikes that are available in the market. Even though it’s not fancy, the bike serves its main goal of helping the child in the transition to a pedaled bike.

For the parents who are looking to purchase a floral bike that can be passed on to the next child or even the next generation, then the Floral Hearts balance bike is a perfect option.

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