Teaching your child how to ride a bicycle is an experience that most you wouldn’t want to miss as a parent. Your child no longer has to wait until the age of three to get to know how to ride the wheels. First BIKE Basic Bike without Brake can be of use to toddlers as young as the age of twenty months.

With unique features and designs, the bike ensures safety and comfort; it has got your kid’s back. It has a steering limiter that helps the rider keep to a straight line while riding and also prevents the front wheel from over-rotating.

The bike is highly flexible and adjustable. You can decide to change the tires after some time, and it also comes with a lowering kit to help further adjust the seat height. The tires are non-Air PU ideal for enclosed spaces.

Who Can Use This Product?

  • Bikers of ages 2-5 years

Features Of First BIKE Basic Bike without Brake:

FirstBIKE Basic Bike without brake

First BIKE Basic Bike without Brake is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put First BIKE Basic Bike without Brake as one of the best in our Balance bike List.

No Brakes:

The Basic Bike has no brakes making it safe for your child. At this tender age, the child first has to learn coordination of the feet and eyes. Brakes, especially the front wheel brake can be dangerous for your youngster.

The rider may flip after immediately stopping the bike. The Basic Bike helps your child to use his feet to slow down or end the ride. The bike also has secure grips that will assist the biker to be comfortable.


The First BIKE Balance Bike has a durable yet flexible framework that allows shock absorbency. The shock-absorbing feature eliminates the chances of the young biker getting any possible spine injuries.

The high-tech material makes up the frame protecting it from splinters, rust, and scratches. The injection-molded composite contributes to the overall weight of the bike, 8.4 pounds. The frame is weatherproof and lightweight allowing children to carry or handle it with ease. The flexibility of the frame offers the rider control.

Adjustable Seat:

FirstBIKE Basic Bike without Brake has a horse saddle-shaped seat that allows for ultimate comfort and stability for the young biker. The shape cradles the rear of the rider preventing them from slipping off while riding.

The height of the seat varies from different styles and is easily adjustable with no need for tools. A trademark lowering kit is also available. The lowering kit decreases the height position further to 11 inches making it ideal for a 22-month-old child.

Non-Air Polyurethane Tyres:

The Basic Bike Model uses non-Air Polyurethane (PU) tires that are perfect for indoor surfaces or enclosed spaces. The tires are also useable on solid outdoor surfaces. They are replaceable and hard to puncture.

Unlike other brands, the Basic Model comes with tubes with Schrader Valves. As the child grows, you can change the current tires with ones that can handle off-terrain surfaces.

The wheels have sealed industrial bearings that help them turn smoothly and are easy to maintain.

Steering Limiter:

Steering is one of the most crucial features of a bike. It gives you control of the wheels, and you get to choose what direction they should take. The FirstBIKE has a steering limiter that helps the young rider maintain a smoother ride.

Also, the limiter helps the biker focus on a straight path as well as preventing accidental falls. With limited steering, it is hard for the steering to over-rotate reducing the chances of the toddler getting injuries.


  • Has safety features such as reflective stickers on the bike
  • Strong and highly durable frame
  • Adjustable seat
  • Replaceable tyres


  • A bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Should I Do If it Gets a Flat Tyre?

A. The tires are of good quality, but if it gets punctured, you can purchase the inner tube in any store that sells bike tyres

Q. Is it Possible to Buy a Brake and Mount it on the Bike?

A. Unfortunately no. That would require replacing the rear wheel

Q. From What Age Can a Child Use a Balance Bicycle?

A. As early as the age of two. After a child outgrows the three-wheel bike, they should be able to handle the FirstBike

Final Verdict:

You will love the FirstBIKE Basic Bike without Brake at first glance. The fantastic model comes with so many features that will benefit your little one.

With steering limitations, this German design will keep the wheel from over-rotating and eliminate the chance of the young rider getting injured.

Non-Air PU tires are ideal for indoor surfaces and enclosed areas helping you to keep an eye on your kid while they are riding. The model comes along with several safety features such as the reflective stickers on the bike. The labels keep the bike visible even when in low-lit areas.