Do you worry, whenever a toddler asks you to help them balance when learning how to ride their pushbikes? Do you have to push them as they don’t know how to pedal? Then you’re left nursing a backache from bending too much?

Worse still you’ve taken your toddler out for a ride only for them to spot elderly kids riding too and then they consider the big kid’s bikes better than theirs (baby-like) as a result they start crying, throwing tantrums, and refusing to ride their own bikes? Worry no more. The Unique Diamondback Kids Push Bike brings hope.

It’s simply described as a big kid’s bike customized for a pre-school toddler. It has no training wheel instead has two 12” pneumatic wheels giving it a big kid’s bike look and the kid’s confidence. It has a push bar, long enough for the parent to push the toddler without having to bend.

Who Is The Product Designed For?

The uniquely built, with an attractive red color Diamondback kid’s pushbike has been specifically made fit for young children between the age bracket of 2-3 years, who are learning how to ride and maintain stability.

Features Of  Diamondback Kids Push Bike:

Diamondback Kids Push Bike

Diamondback Kids Push Bike is designed to meet the needs of consumers. After hours of research, testing, and analyzing the features, we put Diamondback Kids Push Bike is as one of the best in our Product Type List.

12” Pneumatic Wheels:

Unlike common pushbikes, this bike has no training wheels; instead, it has only two wheels. The two wheels are

The two wheels are pneumatic, they’re made up of air-filled tires different from the common plastic and solid tires and they can be replaced. They also enable the kid to move around in different terrains. This feature quickens the kid’s transition.

They also enable the kid to move around in different terrains. This feature quickens the kid’s transition.

Push Handle:

One striking feature of the bike is the long handle fitted right at the back of the bike’s frame. It enables the guardian to push the toddler around and help them gain stability.

It also enables the parent to help the kid ride up a hill. The good thing about this feature is, once the kid has mastered how to balance and ride on their own it can be removed, giving it a new look.

A Padded Seat:

The seat of the Diamondback Kids Push Bike is padded. This makes it comfortable. The seats look like that of a horse saddle. This assures you that your toddler’s rear will be protected.

High Tensile Steel Frame:

The two wheels of the bike are held together by a high tensile steel frame. This frame is made up of a low-alloy of steel; this makes the bike firm enough to withstand breakage or deformity in the case of a fall.

The high tensile steel frame enhances the durability of the bike and gives it a strong construction that enables it to withstand shock.

Rubber Grips:

The handlebars are peculiar and attractive, fitted with well-attached rubber. They not only give the kids riding the bike a firm grip but also enhance their stability and make them comfortable.


  • A standover height
  • The saddle is comfortable not too hard, ensuring the child doesn’t slide and can be raised as the child grows up
  • High durability
  • Tires are affected insignificantly by the terrain
  • Tires are replaceable
  • Handlebars are adjustable


  • The bike may be heavy especially as the child tries to move around
  • The seat is too high one may have to cut it lower for the kid to ride comfortably
  • Nuts are not insulated with rubber or plastic to prevent the kids from getting bruises

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. Does the Bike Come As a Fully Assembled Package?

A. No, the bike doesn’t come as an assembled package, for help with assembling the parts we provide a video tutorial, CD that’s easy to understand. This also facilitates the adjusting of seat sizes to desired heights.

Q. Is the Push Handle Removable?

A. Yes, the push handle is removable; instructions on how to disjoin it are given.

Q. Are there Any Shipping Costs for the Bike?

A. Shipping is free.

Final Verdict:

Diamondback Kids Push Bike is the right kind of bike to purchase for your little one, great news is, the bike retails for prices that are quite affordable with shipping absolutely free. This bike assures you of durability as it’s made up of highly durable material, ensuring minimal or no distortion in the case of a fall or accident.

The older the kid gets, the bike also takes a new look, as indicated earlier the push bar can be removed, handlebars and the seat are flexible, hence is no need for a new bike after every New Year.

As the guardian, you won’t tire pushing the toddler around as they ride. Wait no more, get your toddler A Diamondback Kid’s Pushbike today it’s the best choice.

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