Diamondback Cobra 20

Diamondback Cobra 20 Review – Best Kids Mountain Bike of 2021

Diamondback Cobra 20 Kids Bike will make heads turn and your child will love the attention. It has an attractive design and beautiful decal compare to Nishiki Mountain Bikes. The finish is a nice paint coat of striking racing stripes and Diamondpack signature. The bike has a strong steel frame that makes it endure the toughest terrain ride.

The six-speed grip shift will allow your child to do the exciting plywood jumps.The ride along the drive way will be smooth even when riding over the curb. The front suspension fork evens out bigger objects and bumps along the way giving a smooth ride all through.

Diamondback cobra 20 has 36 Spoke 20” Aluminum wheels that are strong and stable. The tires are ideal for all terrains and are last for long period.This bike comes with linear pull alloy emergency brakes.

This allows for swift stopping to avoid an accident. It takes about half an hour to assemble this bike. The guiding manual consists of clear diagrams on how to do the assembling. All the parts and components of this bike are strong and solid. It lasts for many years.

How about going for a mountain bike that is strong and will serve you till you grow old? That is a bold promise to make and Diamondback Cobra 20 comes with that exact promise. Sounds interesting? It actually is!

So, every bike that you see in the industry has some core benefits that no other companies can offer. Diamondback is no different but the only difference is that they have more than one key benefits. Being a feature enriched mountain bike, it actually offers you more than enough in terms of features, durability and great quality.

Features of Diamondback Cobra 20

Being a feature enriched unit, Diamondback Cobra offers interesting stuffs! Let’s have a look at some of the promising features that Cobra has to offer.

Great Frame

Probably, the key feature of this mountain bike is the frame or the body. This is a heavy duty orange frame which can take immense pressure. Mountain bikes are tough in general but this one actually is a bit more than tough.

The bottom part of the frame is double sized than the top which gives the balance and stability. More importantly, the company ensures that the frame will last long unless there is an accident.

Cool Speed

So, this is not one of the lightest bikes that are available out there. It is visible. With that in mind, people always wonder whether the bike will be able to provide quality speed or not! The answer to that confusion is yes, it can!

Though the bike looks heavy from different viewing angles, it doesn’t really have anything apart from the frame to make it less speedy. The 6 speed freewheel also helps to keep the speed up. Obviously, you cannot expect it to run like a road bike but if there is a race among all the mountain bikes that are made to commute, you will have a good chance of winning if you are riding a Diamondback Cobra.

Aluminum Body

This feature is what makes this Diamondback Cobra 20 heavy but this is the same feature which makes sure that your bike is durable and safe. The body is properly meshed as it is machine made. Unfortunately, the only color that you get is orange which might be negative for some people out there.


An all-rounder, great for kids
Very durable, will be with you for a long time
Good price
Very easy to assemble
Quality metallic finish


The front shock might not give you super comfort all the time
The rear frame is a bit narrow for some people
The handgrips might tear off if your hand sweats


You see, this is not one of those bikes which will make you go wow. This is a regular bike that comes with interesting feature. If you are thinking about getting something super exclusive, then this is not going to satisfy you.

On the other hand, if you want something that offers value within a good price range, this will definitely be a top choice. Take your time and think about it. You will definitely end up being a winner.

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