Determining what bike would be perfect for your exercise routine is more than just looking at the speed. You also have to check and make sure that the bike is the perfect fit for you and determine if it is a bike that you can see yourself using long-term.

Making sure the best bike for you involves looking at the sturdiness and how well it maneuvers as well as how relaxed you feel when you ride it. These things that help with picking out your bike will easily come at the top of your list.

Our Top Seven (7) Picks of The Best Raleigh Bikes Reviews

1) Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike


Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike

If you are looking for a bike that is strong and rides smoothly, then the Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike, will give you that confident stability.

However, what makes this bike a perfect fit for beginners and professional riders is the brakes. You do not have to worry about it being hard to stop once you get on and take a ride around town on this bike. Although these brakes are a little complex to put on the bike when assembling it, once you get them on, you will not be disappointed. You will be able to enjoy your day with your strong working brakes on your new bike. The Cadent 1 Urban, will be the reliable ride you need to get around.

Bike riding will never be the same again on your reliable and sturdy bike. With the Cadent, you will notice the difference in biking as well as your fitness. Seeing the town on your bike will be the hobby that brings you a new kind of joy. So, go ride your new bike around town and take in everything around you.


  • A lightweight bike made from aluminum alloy
  • Riding does not cause stress to the lower part of the back
  • Easy to maneuver with 21 gear shifts
  • 700c tires for your smooth and comfortable ride around town
  • Spectacular design and a nice classic throwback for the color
  • Is backed by a well-known world-renowned brand


  • The various sizes of the bike may be great, but it is not a good bike for shorter people to ride
  • You may have to order a size bigger if you are looking for a high ride
  • The frame is thicker than advertised and at times can feel clunky and overwhelming
  • Great for riding on the road, but if you are wanting to ride off of the road then you will need better shocks and tires for the terrain
  • The seat is not comfortable if you are wanting to take it off of the road
  • Depending on your comfort level with the seat, you may have to replace it

2) Raleigh Bikes Haskell City Bike

Raleigh Bikes Haskell City Bike

Although the Haskell City Bike is somewhat heavy, the steel frame just means that it is really sturdy and put together well. This comfortable bike will get you to where you need to go and you will not have to worry about it being an unsafe bike. Your days riding this bike will be filled with you falling in love with your environment as well as the smooth and comfortable ride taken on this bike.

The Haskett City Bike will have you wondering how it was you went so long without having this bike. The frame of this bike makes it a pleasure to ride and if you are wanting that is easy to maneuver, this is the bike to use. You will also have peace of mind with brakes if riding downhill. These disc brakes will stop or slow down whenever you need to.

Everything about Haskell will keep you motivated when riding it. Your days of being fit and having fun will bring a new kind of joy to your life with Haskell.


  • It is a Sturmey Archer 5 speed IGH
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Made out of a sturdy and steel frame
  • Comfortable frame geometry
  • Weinmann double-wall aluminum rims
  • Vertical dropouts
  • Eccentric bottom bracket


  • The tires look and feel cheap
  • The seat is uncomfortable, which means that you may have you replace it with one more comfortable
  • Only the seat post, hubs, and crank arms are alloy
  • The retro saddle has eyelets that are attached in a questionable way
  • The bottom bracket is too tight, so adjusting it may not be easy

3) Raleigh Detour 1 Step Thru Comfort Bike

Raleigh Detour 1 Step Thru Comfort Bike

The Detour 1 Step-Thru Comfort Bike, will give you the comfortable city ride you have been wanting to take. This stylish and sturdy bike will give you nothing less than a safe ride with stable handlebars. Not only are these handlebars impressive with their gentle make, but they are also made of steel and provides a comfort level with them being risen high for comfortable cycling.

The position of the bar will give you better comfort by reducing the strain on your neck and lower back. Your ride around town will be one to remember on the comfort of Detour 1 and you will be able to experience a sturdy frame as well as the smooth of the handlebars.

You will also feel at ease with Detour’s gear shift. With the easy to maneuver gear shift, your trip will be made easier. Your days of fitness and riding will be something worth looking forward to with Detour.


  • The steel frame is nice and strong for the way it is designed
  • The handlebars are comfortable for gripping and riding
  • High-performance drivetrain system with micro adjuster shifters
  • Triple walled 700-32c superior tires and wheelset
  • High power front/rear brakes
  • Comfortable road style spring-loaded saddle
  • Nice color scheme


  • Does not feature a front derailleur

4) Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban Fitness Bike

Raleigh Cadent 2 Urban Fitness Bike

If you are wanting a bike that you can ride on any kind of terrain, then the Cadent 2 Urban Fitness Bike would be great for your journey. Take your love of bike riding to the next level with this bike made for fitness or riding around town. You will find real joy in taking a ride on this sturdy bike with the peace of mind to ride in all conditions of weather. additionally, you may want to check hunting bikes.

However, you can really enjoy your bike with the strong wide tires. The tires on this bike will give you enough traction to take your journey better. You will be able to enjoy your journey without the worry of your tires not being able to handle the trip. With the thin profile and high inflation, there is little contact made on the road, which means it is road resistant.

Whether you are riding to get in shape or riding for fun, comfort will be your best friend on the Cadent 2. The flat handlebars will provide you a cozier grip. With the handlebars giving you a better position on the bike and the tires being reliable on any kind of terrain, you will not be disappointed with the ride.


  • Very affordable compared to other fitness bikes
  • Made with larger 700c wheels and 35c tires, which provides more traction for quick and reliable traveling
  • Made light with a well-made butt welded frame, making it easier for riding
  • Easy assembly with tutorials being a big help online
  • Appealing to look at
  • Available to tall riders in the medium size


  • The gearing system fails sometimes
  • The bikes are 85% assembled once they are delivered and requires adjustments of components and installation of parts, which is at times very confusing

5) Raleigh Alysa 1 Women’s Urban Fitness Bike

Raleigh Alysa 1 Women’s Urban Fitness Bike

Whether you are looking for a hybrid bike for city riding or getting shape, the Raleigh Alysa 1 Women’s Urban Fitness Bike, is a bike that is right for you. If you are wanting to cycle on the rocky mountain tracks, then this bike will fail to disappoint with helping you get fit. This bike is made with a great frame and alloy, avoiding wear and tear, which means that you will not have to worry about tough terrain or weather conditions breaking it down.

However, what makes people admire this bike, is the gear shift. Your ride will be memorable with every trip you take. The Alysa 1 is such a great bike that the gear shift is easy to use, which provides the rider with a smooth and easy ride around town. The gear shift is also good for this bike on rough terrains because even with the gear shift on the tough terrain, your ride is still smooth.

You will have a different view about riding a bike once you try the Alysa 1. So, take your love of bike riding to the next level with this classically designed bike.


  • Affordable
  • Gives smooth gear shift over rough terrain as well as on the city roads
  • Minor assembly is needed
  • Stylish
  • Perfect rear rack and fenders included
  • Provided that you have the correct tools, the setup will be easy
  • Handlebars and seat are easy to raise
  • Has an upright frame for comfort with 21-speed linear-pull brakes
  • Shifting easily done on every ride


  • If it comes with instructions, they can be useless
  • Does not include tools to assemble the bike
  • The derailers can be defective

6) Raleigh Redux 1 Urban Assault Bike

Raleigh Redux 1 Urban Assault Bike

Are you looking for a fast and stylish bike? Then, the Raleigh Redux 1 Urban Assault Bike is a bike that will get you where you need to go. With the bold and fun colors, you will not just stand out with speed, but in style. The Redux is also a great bike for having because of the tires. With average-sized tires, this bike is easy to maneuver. The alloy rims provide a great balance of weight and strength with the double-walled construction.

However, what makes this bike such a favorite among many bike riders is aluminum and design. This bike is designed for any experience of rider and for riders who are tall and short. Even though the frame of this bike is heavy, it is designed for rough rides. The frame also provides improved strength from the thicker frame tubes and the thinner welds. Once you ride this fast and stylish bike, you will love showing it off. Whether taking your bike ride around the city or taking it on your favorite bike path, Redux will give you the adventure you hope to find.


  • Smooth ride in all urban settings
  • Lighter with faster acceleration
  • Comes with four size options for both tall and short riders
  • Three different colors to choose from (Black, Pewter, and Silver)
  • Basic and easy to maintain
  • Versatile
  • Horizon Plus Tires offers plus-size traction
  • Easy to accelerate with a suitable option for entry-level riders
  • High quality
  • Affordable


  • The gear system is sometimes a problem
  • The saddle and the grips can be uncomfortable

7) Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Tekoa Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a bike to ride with ease and comfort, then the Tekoa Mountain Bike is a bike made just for you. Taking the strain off of your neck and back, you will discover that this bike was designed for fitness and mountain biking from one city to the next. This sturdy bike will not disappoint you, once you start riding it.

The disc brakes and the fork are features that will make you love the strength of this bike on every ride. However, the adjustable suspension is what makes this bike truly great. The adjustable suspension on this bike allows the wheels to roll up and down while taking in the small bumps.

This makes the Tekoa Mountain Bike great, for this feature keeps the tires in intimate contact with the ground for better handling and control. While riding this bike during your next adventure, you will find that this bike can absorb huge shocks when landing jumps. This is a bike that will help you to the extreme when riding it and will push you to get in better shape.


  • Highly durable
  • Can ride easily and easy to keep maintained
  • Amazing adjustable suspension for absorbing shocks
  • Fast 29-inch wheels for an adventurous and fun ride
  • Brakes are easy to maintain in all weather conditions
  • Rides smooth
  • Gives a reliable biking experience


  • Brakes might fail to work
  • Could be a little costly

Biking To Stay Fit

Are you wanting to get in better shape? Are you looking for the perfect bike to get your fitness routine started?

Then, checking out hybrid bikes may be where you need to start for a better physically fit you. Whether you are looking for a bike to start your fitness routine or whether you are needing a new bike to continue improving your fitness, finding the best hybrid bike would be the way to go. Once you start your journey to being perfectly fit, finding the right bike for you will be at the top of the list of exercise priorities.


Once you decide to take your love of bike riding to the next level, you will find that the biking industry has some of the best bikes for all levels of riders. Whether you are riding for fun or riding for fitness, Raleigh has a bike for any kind of riding you want to do.

Your love of riding will show with the new bike that you choose to have for your riding time. Once you start your adventures in riding, you will only look forward to riding your new bike every day. Riding a bike will never be the same again after you get your Raleigh bicycle company.

If you lost your love of riding, it will soon come back to you with your new bike and adventure will be your new best friend. Whether you find love on your bike rides through the city or on a bike trail, you will see the change in your love for riding while on your journey. So, get out there and take your adventure on the road with a ride on your new bike.