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17 Best Balance Bike of 2021 (Reviews with Age & Sizing Guide)

When it’s time to teach your child to ride a bike, the best balance bike is the first thing you need to buy in 2021.

If you are thinking, why should your child learn to ride a balance bike first? Here’s the answer. The toughest part about learning to ride is getting the balance – using core muscles to keep from going splat onto an outdoor patio or sidewalk.

Instead of learning to balance, pedal, and brake all at once, good balance bikes help kids to learn the art of balancing on two wheels. They learn to balance by simply sitting on the bike and driving themselves forward with their feet. Soon they start to move forward without both feet on the ground, learning how to balance and steer as their confidence grows.

After using a balance bike, they can quickly learn the pedaling skills and jump right on a two-wheeler without missing a beat. So, you know that balance bikes are fantastic, but now you need to know which balance bike is right for your kid?

Whether you are looking for the best balance bike for your kids or toddlers, we looked at every model from top wooden balance bike to cheap metal balance bike. we research, reviewed, and wrote the guide you need to find the balance bike for kids.

Best Balance Bike Reviews 2021

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

The Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike is an internationally renowned balance bike brand. It is the winner of quite a number of accolades over the years; the Creative Top Toy of the Year and the Oppenheim Gold Seal awards among others.

This kickoff balance bike doesn’t come with pedals or a chain. Skuut bike allows the child to fully concentrate on balance, independence, steering, and coordination training before starting to learn how to pedal.

It is recommended for ages 2 to 5 years. It has a maximum rider weight capacity of 7.5 pounds. It comes in red, green, pink, and blue; you can never miss your child’s preference.

This bike costs $95.67 and by buying it, you help save the environment.

For every Skuut bike sold, Diggin plants a tree. The Diggin Active Skuut is definitely the best balance bike for any kid who wants to start exploring cycling. It is safe, compact, easy to ride, customizable, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly.

Key Features

  • Great helper as a confidence gainer.
  • It’s recommended for 2 to 5 years kids.
  • Best for learning.
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Seal.
  • Attractive in color.

Bunzi Chillafish Gradual Balance Bike

Bunzi Chillafish Gradual Balance Bike

Bunzi Chillafish Gradual Balance Bike, Lime With a price tag of only $63.18, this 2-in-1 balance bike from Chillafish is the bomb when it comes to teaching balance and coordination. It easily transforms from 2 wheels to 3 wheels without tools and it comes with no pedals, gears, or chains hence allowing the child to learn balance, coordination, and steering before they start pedaling.

Chillafish bunzi comes with a height-adjustable seat, from 8.6 to 9.8 inches to cater to the growth of the child. Its wheels are made from anti-skid TPE material for safer indoor and outdoor use.

This bike’s frame features an ABS material that is strong, sturdy, and safe. It also features handgrips and provides storage in its seat. The recommended ages for this bike’s riders are between 1 and 3 years and it has a maximum weight capacity of 55 pounds as like Chillafish BMXie

This Bunzi Gradual Balance Bike provides the best step-by-step transition from the tricycle to the more advanced pedal bike. It surely is one of the best choices for parents with kids aged 1 to 3 years.

Key Features

  • Best Balance Bike for step-by-step teaching suitable for children aged at least 18 months.
  • Safe for both outdoor and indoor uses.
  • ABS strong material frame.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Wheels without tools.

YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike

YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike

The YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is designed mainly for children between 2 and 5 years. Its body is made of Aluminum tubing incorporated with fiber-reinforced 99 material. Its fork is made of Aluminum tubing incorporated with injection-molded plastic.

Its adjustable plastic seat ensures that the child’s growth and development are catered for. This bike is designed to mainly focus on early physical development skills as it is a 3-in-1 bike.

Ybike Evolve can easily transform from a pedal Trike to a no-pedal balance bike with 2 rear wheels then to a more advanced no-pedal balance bike with 1 rear wheel. These in turn provide an easier transition to riding pedal bikes. Its wheels are 12-inch mold-on rubber wheels that require no inflation, thus easier maintenance.

The YBIKE Evolve Ride-On Balance Bike is definitely a great plastic balance bike to buy for any kid between 2 to 5 years. It is also found in white and red, and white and blue.

Key Features

  • Pedals are only supposed to use in the tricycle configuration.
  • Seat is adjustable 32 cm / 12.5 inch.
  • 2 set height positions.
  • Fork Made Of Aluminum Tubing.
  • Rubber Wheels.

YBIKE Toyni Tricycle Balance Bike

YBIKE Toyni Tricycle Balance Bike

YBIKE Toyni Unicycle Balance Bike The compact YBIKE Toyni Tricycle Balance Bike measures 22 by 5.9 by 15 inches. It has a weight of 5.5 pounds hence easily portable. Just like most YBIKE balance bikes, the Toyni features the next-generation design that will bring out your child’s riding skills and experience.

This 2-in-1 balance bike is a great choice for children aged between 1 to 3 years. It easily transforms from a basic to a more advanced balance bike. This is done by simply switching the 2 different positions of its rear wheels which adjusts the degree of balance required.

The ybike toyni Tricycle Balance Bike is made of Blow Molded plastic that is very lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. It also doesn’t come with training wheels for better balance training.

It features no pedals, chains, or gears for better concentration on balance, motor skills, coordination, and steering training. The YBIKE Toyni Tricycle Balance Bike costs only $59.99. It comes in red, yellow and green.

Key Features

  • Introduces as the next generation of Balance Bikes.
  • Plastic model bike.
  • Unique rear wheel design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to handle.

Diamondback Balance Bike

Diamondback Balance Bike

Diamondback Balance Bike Just like other balance training bikes, the Diamondback Push Bike comes in an incredible next-generation design, modeled in the shape of a motorcycle. It comes in blue, pink, orange and yellow.

Its price is only $57.99. This award-winning bike has a sturdy and durable frame made from high-impact plastic. It comes with a bigger and wider front wheel and 2 rear wheels that provide additional stability.

The bigger wheel offers high ground clearance allowing for safer riding. Diamondback balance bike is compact and weighs only 7 pounds hence easier portability and storage. It has a bigger turning circle as its front wheel is further as compared to other bikes thus safer riding. The back wheels are partially covered by its seat to prevent injuries to the rider’s legs.

This bike is great for children as young as 18 months. The Diamondback has been proven to greatly improve bilateral coordination, both static and dynamic balance and motor coordination for children. The Diamondback Balance Bike is definitely among the best plastic balance bikes for any kid.

Key Features

  • Attractive design.
  • Award-winning balance bike.
  • High ground clearance wheel.
  • Easy to portable and store.
  • Big safe wheels for riding.

Kinderbike Laufrad Balance Bike

kinderbike laufrad balance bike

Found in bright color themes including red, yellow, blue, and green, the 2014 Kinderbike Laufrad surely does attract any young kid. Its handlebar, brake lever, and seat post are made of Aluminum for strength. Its frame and other components are made of Aluminum alloy to ensure stability and durability.

kinderbike laufrad front fork rake has been increased for better stability when riding at lower speeds. The Kinderbike’s twin-bearing headset ensures smoother steering.

It features a height and angle adjustable saddle, a child-friendly rear V-brake, and also a twin rail support. For safety purposes, it features pneumatic wheels to ensure maximum traction.

It also features an unmatched braking system for the child’s safety when riding. The 2014 Kinderbike Laufrad does not come with a set of trainer wheels. At only $109, purchasing this unit comes with a lifetime warranty and unlimited fun for your kid.

Key Features

  • Best in the industry with warranty.
  • Aluminum Alloy frame.
  • Light in weight.
  • Best for stability and durability.
  • Smooth steering and the adjustable saddle.

Children’s Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle for Girls or Boys

Children's Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle for Girls or Boys

Are you searching for a bike that makes the transition to a pedal bike a lot easier for your child? Then the Children’s Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle for Girls or Boys is just the perfect pick for you. This trainer features a similar design to the pedal bike. This ensures better coordination and confidence are developed.

It features an adjustable seat height from 15.5 to 17.5 inches. Its handlebars adjust from 20 to 21.5 inches to fit children of various ages and sizes. It is easy to assemble as it has no chains, pedals, or training wheels. This allows the child to practice balancing on the bike as it moves without worrying about pedaling. The child manually propels it by pushing their feet against the ground and then placing them on the bike’s frame.

It also comes with a bell. It is found in blue, red, orange, purple, pink, and green. With a weight of only 8.3 pounds and dimensions of 6.2 by 12.2 by 27.6 inches, this is the perfect fit for children between 2-3 years. Its frame is made of steel hence sturdy and durable. Its handlebars and seat are foam-padded for a more comfortable ride. It also features foam tires for easier maintenance.

These wheels can never go flat. They are single-piece molded for lighter weight and also ease of use. For just $67.48, you can actually get your kid this gift that will bring out their courage and confidence in riding. In addition to this, it is a suitable Best Balance Bike for both boys and girls.

Key Features

  • Adjustable seat height for various ages and sizes.
  • Easy to handle without paddles.
  • Improve child confidence.
  • Variety in colors.
  • Durable handlebars and steel frame.

Vilano Ripper Balance Bike

Vilano Ripper Balance Bike

At a glance, the Vilano Ripper Balance Bike will definitely attract your eyes. Thanks to its bright and attractive color scheme. It comes in pink, blue, green, and purple, you surely won’t miss your child’s favorite color here. It makes the perfect transition to pedal bikes for a child; it has no pedals or chains.

This helps the child to learn balance and coordination when riding without worrying about pedaling. It features a running board for placement of the feet as the child rides.

It also has an adjustable handlebar and seat height to ensure a perfect fit for a wider age group range. The lack of training wheels, chains, and pedals also make assembly hassle-free.

For a more comfortable ride, this bike’s handlebars and saddle are padded with foam. It also comes with a handlebar pad. The Vilano Ripper is recommended for children aged at least 3 years. It costs only $51.67.

Key Features

  • Light in weight and sturdy.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Metal frame designed.
  • Best for a comfortable ride.
  • Affordable price.

Mini Glider Kids Balance Bike

Mini Glider Kids Balance Bike

The Mini Glider is a perfect example of what a high-quality balance bike should look like. Its classy design that befits a 2-5-year-old’s lifestyle is a feature to behold as it ensures both comforts and eases of1 use. It features a rear brake for stopping the bike.

It also has removable footpegs that take the place of pedals on a pedal bike, ensuring a seamless transition for the young rider. Its frames are made of Aluminum for durability and also lightweight.

Its easily adjustable quick-release seat clamp ensures a perfect fit for children of varied sizes and also tool-free height adjustment.

For a more realistic riding experience, it comes with a handbrake for easier stopping. The Mini Glider is recommended for children of approximately 5 years of age. It has been proven to improve coordination, motor skills, confidence, and balance. It can be found in red, pink, orange, blue, and green at only $92.74.

Key Features

  • Designed for ages 2-5 years old.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight
  • Unique removable footpegs make learning easy.
  • Safety handbrake.

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

The Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike is one of the most beautiful and high-quality balance bikes in the world. It best suits children aged at least 3 years. Its adjustable handlebars and seat ensure a perfect fit for children of different sizes. These handlebars have rubber grips for the comfort of the hands.

Its seat is foam-padded to ensure a more comfortable cushioned ride. It also features soft puncture-resistant soft tires for a smooth ride, durability, and ease of maintenance. With a strong and sturdy metal frame, the Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike’s durability and stability cannot be compared to any other balance bike of its caliber.

It can accommodate children weighing up to 55 pounds. This Best Balance Bike weighs 7 pounds and measures 27.8 by 18.1 by 23 inches. This is compact and light enough for easier portability and storage.

This 2-wheeled bike does not come with pedals or a chain to ensure easier operation by the child. This bike is a great choice for anyone who needs their child’s balance, motor skills, and coordination improved to the highest standards.

Key Features

  • Best for 3+ ages.
  • Comfortable rubber grips.
  • Give smooth ride.
  • Help to gain balance.
  • Sturdy metal frame for children up to 55 lbs.

Floral Hearts Balance Bike

Floral Hearts Balance Bike

A simple design is what we get from the Floral Hearts bike. Its chassis is composed of 4% Spandex, 36% Polyester, and 60% Cotton. It features a 5-position height-adjustable seat, from 14″ to 17″. This ensures the best fit even as the child grows.

Its saddle is cushioned and it has a leather covering to ensure comfort. It also comes with rubberized handlebar grips. This ensures the comfort of the kid’s little hands. Its steering radius is reduced as compared to other bikes.

This helps prevent jack-knifing, which may cause accidents. Its spoke-less wheel discs and pneumatic rubber tires ensure a more stable, smoother, safer, and comfortable ride. This works well even over rough terrain. It is recommended for children aged at least 2 years.

The best part is that its frame is made of birch wood which is natural. The formaldehyde-free glue, paints, and lacquer used are also completely natural and non-toxic. It also comes with an integrated carry handle for easier storage and portability. It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds. This Best Balance Bike costs just $79.99.

Key Features

  • The child learns to balance without paddles and training wheels.
  • Pneumatic rubber tires.
  • Recommended for 2+ ages.
  • Rubber handlebar grips.
  • Smooth pneumatic rubber tires.

Chopper Balance Bike

Chopper Balance Bike

With a price tag of only $89.97, the Chopper Balance Bike has so much to offer its user. Its design takes up the shape of a motorcycle. This will surely get any child excited about riding. Its frame is composed of metal and renewable birch wood hence eco-friendly.

The Formaldehyde-free glue, lacquers, dyes, and paints used on this bike are strictly non-toxic. It features a height-adjustable seat to cater to the child’s growth. For safety purposes, it has a limited steering radius which helps prevent jack-knifing.

Its spoke-less wheel discs and inflatable pneumatic tires have extra-long tube valves for better shock resistance during rides over rough terrain. For comfort, the Chopper Balance Bike handlebar grips are rubberized for better grip. Its leatherette seat is well cushioned to serve the same purpose.

It also comes with an integrated carry handle for easier portability. It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds. This bike is actually a great balance and coordination training bike; it doesn’t come with trainer wheels. It is best suited for children aged 2 years and above.

Key Features

  • Help to teach balancing, steering, and coordination.
  • Wood frame construction.
  • Seat height adjustable.
  • Rubber grip for comfort.
  • Best for regular use.

Classic Balance Bike

Classic Balance Bike

As its name suggests, the Classic Balance Bike comes in the most classic and timeless design ever. Its wooden frame is mainly made of renewable birch wood, formaldehyde-free glue, lacquer, paints, and dyes that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It measures 35 by 15.5 by 22 inches which are really compact.

It also features a unique carry handle for easier portability and storage. Its maximum weight capacity is 60 pounds. The Classic Balance Bike is highly recommended for children aged at least 2 years.

Its spoke-less wheel discs prevent the child’s little feet from getting caught while riding. Its inflatable pneumatic rubber tires ensure stability and a comfortable ride. The Classic Balance Bike’s seat comes with 5-adjustable heights between 14″ to 17″.

This is to cater to the child’s growth. It also has a limited steering radius for safety purposes. Its handlebars have rubber grips for a more comfortable and stronger grip. Its leatherette seat is well cushioned for comfortable riding. Its maximum weight capacity is 60 pounds. It has no training wheels hence better balance and coordination training. The Best Balance Bike costs only $69.99.

Key Features

  • Have a five-position adjustable seat height to grow with the child.
  • Comfortable Rubberized handlebar grips.
  • Maximum weight 60 pounds.
  • Made by replenishable birch wood.
  • Steering radius limited.

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Prince Lionheart Balance Bike

Are you interested in teaching your child steering, coordinating, and balance, all at a go? Then the Prince Lionheart Balance Bike offers the best of these; a seamless transition from ride-on toys. Its frame is made of 100% birch wood. It comes with 12″ pneumatic rubber tires.

This bike measures 23 by 5.7 by 11.9 inches. It weighs only 10 pounds which is really light. Its maximum weight capacity is 65 pounds. It works great for children aged 2 years to 5 years. It also features solid rubber handlebar grips for comfort.

It has a height-adjustable seat to ensure a perfect fit as the child grows. This unisex balance bike features no training wheels. This helps in the better development of confidence and balance.

Though it has spoked wheel discs, its safety precautions are quite acceptable. It has an amazing rating of 4.6 stars out of the possible 5 stars on Amazon. It costs only $74.99. From this, you stand to get the most beautiful and effective Best Balance Bike for your kid.

Key Features

  • Comfortable solid rubber handlebar grips.
  • Light in weight and maximum weight 65 pounds.
  • Great transition from ride-on toys.
  • Birchwood frame.
  • Solid rubber handgrips.

PlaSmart PlasmaBike

PlaSmart PlasmaBike

PlaSmart PlasmaBike The colorful red PlaSmart PlasmaBike comes with features that ensure a fun ride for the kid. It aids in the development of their balance, motor skills, and coordination. It features no batteries, pedals, gears, or chains hence easier to maintain.

Even better is the fact that the lack of these features makes it easier for the child to learn steering, balance, and coordination first, before starting to learn how to pedal.

It comes with a unique design that replicates that of a motorcycle hence adds to the child’s thrill of knowing how to cycle. It has a weight of fewer than 8 pounds for easier portability and storage. Its maximum weight capacity is 55 pounds.

The PlaSmart PlasmaBike’s wide wheels and its limited steering radius ensure better balancing capabilities. This Best Balance Bike suitable for children aged at least 18 months and It costs only $78.

Key Features

  • High quality and safe for children.
  • Enjoyable riding.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Without batteries, gears, or pedals.
  • Lightweight and transportable.

Balance Bike Reviews and Comparison

  • Metal Balance Bike
  • Wooden Balance Bike and
  • Plastic balance bikes.
  • Infographics On Balance bike.

Metal Balance Bike Reviews

Things to Consider When Choosing a Metal Balance Bike

These are designed to surpass the qualities of plastic and wooden bikes such as durability and customizability. Metal Balance Bike has in recent years become quite popular among kids. These bikes are mostly made of Aluminum or Steel frames, most of which is hollowed to reduce their weight.

There are quite a number of factors to consider before investing in a metal balance bike your child’s age, body size, and knowledge or experience in riding compared to the size of the bicycle, its customizability, sturdiness, ease of use, and its features.

Who and Why you Need This Particular Product

Most children between the age of 2 and 5 years onwards are heavier and a little more adventurous, hence the need for more durable and customizable units like the ones reviewed below.

After so many years of research and testing, these balance bike features have undergone improvement after improvement.

How I Selected Top Products

This is evident from the many positive reviews and user ratings on quite a number of shops, both online and offline. Durability, customizability, ease of use, and lightweight are just but some of the reasons these bikes perform best for young children learning to ride a bicycle.

The metal balance bike ensures both of these are achieved while keeping the kids safe. The reviews below are of the best metal balance bikes in the present market.

Wooden Balance Bike Reviews

Things To Consider When Choosing a Wooden Balance Bike

Balance bikes have always been among the best toys for kids given the fact that they are more interactive as compared to other toys. Though, the biggest concern for parents is usually more than just durability; the child’s safety always comes first.

This brings us back to the question; what is the best material for the Best Balance Bike you choose? Wooden balance bikes have been in the market ever since the invention of the bicycle. The most important factors to consider when investing in a wooden balance bike include the size, the type of wood used, durability, customizability, cost, and also ease of use.

Who and Why you Need This Particular Product

These should be in comparison to the child’s age, body size, weight, and level of riding knowledge or experience. Wooden balance bikes are found in a variety of sizes and designs. This caters to a wider age group of beginner riders.

These bikes are most suitable for any child between the age of 18 months and 5 years, but this is also relative to their body size and weight. Wooden bikes possess numerous benefits that cannot be achieved from other bikes.

Apart from the fact that wood is natural and comes with no harmful chemicals, it is also resistant to shock and vibration. It isn’t susceptible to dents as it has better resilience and it can be easily repaired in case of dents.

Wood is also renewable hence improving the sustainability of the environment as compared to metal and plastic bikes. These allow your kid to enjoy each bit of their riding experience without fear.

How I Selected Top Products

A thorough research based on numerous tests performed on the most popular and highest-rated balance bikes in the market has been conducted over the years. This has aided in coming up with a comprehensive list of the best wooden balance bikes.

Buyer and user ratings and reviews have also been used to narrow down to the 5 best wooden balance bikes in the market as reviewed below.

Plastic Balance Bike Reviews

Things To Consider When Choosing a Plastic Balance Bike

Children usually appreciate basically any toy that works for them. Though, the fact that every child has a unique aesthetic preference shouldn’t be ignored. Plastic balance bikes have always found a way of bringing together both functionality and aesthetic value.

It is always important to consider a bike’s sturdiness, customizability, maximum weight limit, durability, and ease of use, maintenance, and adjustability before purchase.

Who and Why you Need This Particular Product

Most plastic balance bikes can be used by children up to 5 years. Contrary to popular belief, these bikes’ frames are not made of flimsy plastic. In fact, they can hold up to 55 pounds in weight.

Since plastics are easily accessible and are easily moldable, these balance bikes are usually found in a wider variety of shapes, colors, and designs. This allows a more diverse choice for your kid.

How I Selected Top Products

As evident from the numerous user reviews and ratings from the different online stores across the globe, it is evident that particular Best Balance Bike brands get all the love from users and buyers.

Sales for these brands are among the highest both online and offline. This is the full proof of the superb features they come with. The reviews below are of the 5 best plastic balance bikes in the current market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Balance Bike.

Safety Features

Balance bikes are designed mainly for beginner riders. This calls for the highest level of safety provisions. Having wider wheels that will increase stability is great. Although, the wider its wheels, the harder the transition to riding pedal bikes.

It is also good to find one that has its rear-wheel covered to prevent injury to the young rider’s feet. The wheel discs should preferably be spoke-less to prevent injury to the feet. Other safety features such as the best kids helmet include a limited steering radius and inclusion of the best elbow and knee pads for kids.


The material used on the bike’s frame and body should be strong enough with a decent finish quality. This ensures both resistance to wear and also durability. From the above, you have a choice between metal, plastic, and wooden balance bikes. Metal and wooden ones are more durable than plastic ones but may cost a little higher.

Ease of Use

The Best Balance Bike should be easy to use. It should come with footrests, a padded seat or saddle, padded handlebar grips, and non-skid tires. When it comes to younger riders, it is preferred that the balance bike does not have a chain, pedals, brakes, belts, or gears.

These may distract the effectiveness of the balance, coordination, and steering training. The bike should not have complicated controls that will spoil the fun of riding.


The Best Balance Bike is usually one that can be customized to a wider variety of needs. Customization may be in the form of an adjustable handlebar and seat heights. You may also get a balance bike that can transform from advanced to simpler. It is important for customizability and adjustability to be easier requiring no tools.

Do You Know All of the Parts of a Balance Bike

In order to make sure you choose the best balance bike for your own intended uses, you should be familiar with the basic parts of a Balance bike.

  1. Handel bar
  2. Plastic Grip
  3. Adjustable seat
  4. Quick Release adjustment
  5. Stand
  6. Footrest  place
  7. Alloy rim
  8. Tread
  9. Tire
  10. Break

How to Choose the Best Balance Bike with Confidence

Balance bikes are found in countless models from all over the world. Choosing one that best fits your child’s needs is usually challenging. The above reviews of the best metal, wooden and plastic balance bikes outline the unique features each of them bears. There is no choice that may work for all children. Each child has different needs from the other.

It is usually very important for the parent to have their child accompany them when purchasing their bikes. This is to ensure the most perfect fit and riding posture for their kids. In case you need to order them online, it is important to confirm the measurements with customer support or send them your child’s measurements.

This also ensures you do not get a smaller or bigger bike. Let the above reviews act as a starting point for choosing the best balance bike for your kid.

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