Do you need a 14 inch bike for your child? Finding the right bike for your preschooler can be difficult, especially with so many options on the market. The ideal size bikes for 3-year-olds are kids 12 inch and 14 inch cycles; however, prices, sizes, and features vary widely.

Although smaller children can ride a 12-inch bike, we have found that pedal cycles are often too heavy for them to handle correctly and that a lightweight balancing bike is more suited to their stature. Some 3-year-olds, on the other hand, maybe tall enough to ride a 16-inch bike.

We’ve listed the top 5 best 14 inch bikes below, along with why we love them and why you will, too, to help you narrow down your search for a girl or boy.

Best 14 Inch Bike For Kids

Here are 5 best 14 Inch bike for kids review for our users. I will help to choose best 14 Inch bike for their kids.

1.  Woom 2 – Top 14 Inch Bike

The worm 2 best 14 inch bike is a great first pedal cycle for balancing bike grads since it is simple and intuitive to use. The worm 2 is the lightest bike in the 12/14′′′ class, making the ride smooth for even the most inexperienced rider.

The lightweight woom 2 is a dream bike for your child, whether cruising around the neighborhood or attacking the skate park. Look no further than this tiny pony for a smooth and confident transition from a balancing bike.

Design and Features:

The worm 2 is made of high-quality, lightweight AL-6061 aluminum and is easy to ride for beginners. The Strider 14, on the other hand, has a heavier steel frame and is an equal bike in terms of age appropriateness.

Seat Height

The worm 2 has a seat height range of 16′′ to 19.1′′ and suits kids who are 37′′ to 42′′ tall. When a child sits on the bike for the first time, it’s critical that both feet are flat on the ground. They can now stop the bike with their feet, as they would with a balance bike. It also makes it easier for you to learn how to start the bike yourself.

As a result, the warm 2 is best suited to children with an inseam of 16′′ to 18′′ who will be able to grow with the bike in the future.


Stainless steel spokes connect the light-alloy rims to industrial bearing hubs. The Schwalbe Little Joe tire has a handle tread that allows WOOM 2 to perform well on both paved and packed dirt paths.

These unique tires are slightly narrower than other high-end 14′′ bikes, with a width of 1.4′′. The tires on the Prevelo Alpha, for example, are 1.5 inches wide, whereas the Pello Romper 14 inch tires are 2.1 inches wide. A 1.4-inch-wide tire is suitable for the vast majority of children, but it provides somewhat less cushioning if you’ll be riding on really rough terrain.

Wheelbase Lengthened

To begin with, the warm 2 was built on a longer wheelbase. A bike with a short wheelbase and an upright rider is difficult and uncomfortable to ride. The short base of the bike makes the riding jerky and unsteady, in addition to squeezing the rider into a tight space.

Lower seat tube

Second, woom lowered the bike’s seat tube as a result the saddle and rider’s position is also lowered. The rider of the Woom 2 appears to be sitting “in” the bike, whereas the rider of the Next budget cycle seems to be perched on top of it.


  • Geometry that is both lightweight and child-appropriate
  • Dual hand brakes with color coding and a freewheel kit option
  • Components of high grade
  • High resale value
  • Steering limiter that can be removed
  • Schwalbe all-terrain tire
  • A kickstand is included.


  • Expensive
  • Too big for the very youngest riders


The woom 2 is the ideal first pedal bike for most youngsters, with its upright body stance, higher handlebars, and green brake lever for a natural riding experience and optimal comfort. It is particularly suitable for inexperienced riders, who quickly gain confidence on a light and maneuverable bike.

Woom 2 best 14 Inch Bike for kids

2.  Guardian Ethos 14 Inch Bike

Guardian now provides pedal cycles in five distinct sizes, ranging from 14′′ to 24′′, with the launch of the new Guardian ETHOS 14 Inch bike for the tiniest of riders. The Guardian 14 Inch has all of the features of a Guardian in a small package, making it one of the best first pedal cycles for your balancing bike learner.

Design and features:

Guardian Bikes has created a more intelligent first pedal cycle. The Guardian Ethos 14 features child-friendly geometry that makes learning to ride a breeze.

SureStop Braking System

There are many reasons to appreciate the Guardian 14 Inch, but the SureStop braking mechanism is what sets it apart. Guardian states that children can stop much faster by pressing one lever and activating both brakes.

SureStop is a brake mechanism that promotes safer braking. Braking with the left hand (front brake) merely locks up the front wheel, flipping a child over the handlebars as they get bigger, heavier, and ride faster.

There is no coaster brake

The Guardian does not have a coaster (rear pedal) brake, which is common on many 12′′ and 14′′ bikes. This is a great win for the youngest riders who are still learning to ride. What’s the deal with coaster brakes?

When children are learning to ride a bike for the first time, they frequently pedal backward. This is partly due to the fact that they haven’t yet comprehended the fact that pedaling forward is what propels them forward. A coaster brake will stop them in their tracks if they’ve just started, gained some velocity, and then decided to backpedal.

Position of the body

The Ethos 14 Inch is no exception to the Guardians’ reputation for kid-friendly geometry. Because of the Ethos’ mid-rise handlebars and reach, a youngster may sit comfortably and upright. This makes kids feel more natural and at ease while learning to ride. The Ethos 14 Inch also lowers the child’s center of gravity, making balancing simpler. This also enables a younger, shorter youngster to ride a 14 inch bike without training wheels securely and effectively.


  • SureStop is a brake technology that makes braking easier and safer.
  • Only one brake lever is necessary to engage the front and rear brakes, making it easier for young riders to control.
  • Bike geometry that is child-friendly puts the child in a natural and comfortable upright position.
  • There is no coaster brake!
  • Lovely color combinations.


  • It is a little heavier than other bikes.


The Guardian Ethos 14 has a lot going for it. Intelligent geometry, internal cable routing, and a retractable steering limiter are just a few of the features featured on more expensive kids’ bikes.

Then there’s the SureStop braking technology, which is a true differentiator that isn’t found on any other bike, even those that are more expensive.

Guardian Ethos 14 Inch Bike3.  Joey 2.5 Best 14 Inch Kids Bike

The Joey 2.5 is a terrific little bike for young kid, eager pedalers ready to face two wheels because it’s small and capable. The Joey 2.5 comes with training wheels and a push bar for parents, making it a good option for kids who haven’t yet learned to balance a bike independently.

Design and Features:

Coaster brakes are problematic for young riders since most children mistakenly pedal backward when they lose their balance on the bike while learning to ride. As a result, the coaster brake engages, resulting in an unanticipated fall and, in most cases, a crash. The Joey is a fantastic bike to learn to ride because it doesn’t have a coaster brake.

Another advantage of the Joey is that it includes a push bar, which allows parents to assist their children in learning to balance and peddle the bike. The push bar frequently offers young, hesitant riders the extra confidence they need to ride on two wheels, far better than grasping the back of the seat. This push bar isn’t necessary if your youngster already knows how to ride a balance bike.

The Joey 2.5 has a seat height that ranges from 16.5′′ to 18.25′′ and is best suited for children aged 3 to 4. The recommended inseam for a child is determined by the youngster’s intended use of the bike (with or without training wheels).


The Joey 2.5 has an upright shape that aids in gaining and maintaining balance while riding. The bike’s frame design also places the rider lower on the bike (closer to the back tire) than many other bikes in this price range. Sitting lower on the bike results in a lower center of gravity, which improves stability at lower speeds. When compared to the 14′′ Royalbaby H2, the Joey features a significantly lower center-of-gravity.

Additional Features

A threaded headset with an additional inch of height adjustment is included with the Joey. Raising the handlebars, while modest, can aid in maintaining the rider’s upright position on the bike as they develop.

As previously stated, the Joey comes with a push bar that attaches to the bike’s seat post. While installing the push bar to the seat post makes it easy to put on and take off, it does elevate the bike’s minimum seat height to 18′′. Be warned that if the seat post collar (the black clip at the base of the seat post) is not adequately tightened before utilizing the push bar, the child’s seat may rotate while riding.


  • Increased stability with a longer wheelbase
  • For simpler balancing, the geometry is more upright.
  • Both the push bar and the training wheels are included.
  • Free of coaster brakes


  • There are only 1.75 inches of seat height adjustment.


The Joey 2.5 is a great option for young riders who want to get started pedaling without having to worry about a coaster brake slowing them down. The Joey comes with training wheels and a push bar, making it a wonderful option for individuals who aren’t quite ready to ride on two wheels. With only 1.75′′ of seat height adjustment, Joey’s lifespan is limited, and kids will most likely only be able to fit the bike for a year or so entirely.

Joey 2.5 Best 14 Inch Kids Bike4.  Prevelo Alpha One 14′′ Great Kids Bike

The Prevelo Alpha One is a great bike for smaller and more enthusiastic balance bike graduates. You’ll wish you were little enough to ride it because it has high-end components, a clever yet kid-friendly design, 14 inch tires, and the reliability to last through numerous kids.

Design and Features:

The Prevelo Alpha one is the tiniest 12′′/14′′ bike we’ve encountered, with a seat height range of 15.6′′ – 17.5′′, and is designed for the youngest and smallest balance bike grads. At this price, a seat height adjustment range of 2′′ is somewhat limited.

Other high-end 14 inch bikes, such as the woom 2, offer a seat height range of roughly 3 inches. Like all Prevelo bikes, the Alpha One has a high-quality frame and parts, so it will undoubtedly last long.

Body position:

The Alpha One’s bike geometry places the youngster in a comfortable, primarily upright body position, as it was developed for the youngest and tiniest balancing bike graduates. This is the most natural posture for new riders learning the ropes, and it’s popular among high-end, kid-specific bike brands like woom.

The  Alpha One’s handlebar is lower than that of the Wom 2, making it ideal for strong and ambitious riders. This helps them look at speed and transfer their weight more effort.

Dual handbrakes, a coaster brake, and a freewheel kit

Front and rear Tektro v-brakes with small reach brake levers are standard on the Prevelo Alpha One. While it comes with a coaster brake, you can purchase a Freewheel kit to remove it. We highly recommend getting rid of that coaster brake!


The Alpha One’s 14′′ x 1.5′′ Kenda tires with terrain tread and a gain ratio of 3.7, making it appropriate for almost any terrain your tiny rider may desire to conquer. The Prevelo Alpha One’s 3.7 gain ratio is a suitable middle ground gearing for young, novice riders on a single-speed bike.

However, the 2-speed auto-shift rear wheel ($110) should be considered if your child benefits from higher gearing to achieve quicker speeds. The typical gain ratio on this wheel is still 3.7, however, when the rider reaches 6 mph, the wheel automatically adjusts to 5.1.


  • Better balance with a low center of gravity.
  • Lower rise handlebars make it easy for daring riders to move weight around.
  • Dual-hand brakes that are responsive and easy to pull.
  • Components of superior grade
  • The frame is lightweight and has a modest step-through height.
  • There is a freewheel kit available to remove the coaster brake.


  • The seat height range is only 2 inches, limiting room for growth.


Kids adore the Prevelo Alpha One since it was designed exclusively for them. It is a joy to ride and makes the transition from a balancing bike to a pedal bike effortless due to its lightweight, kid-friendly design and top-notch components. The Alpha One is designed for ambitious and competitive young balance bike graduates, with lower handlebars and all-terrain tread tires.

Prevelo Alpha One 14′′ Great Kids Bike5.  Pello Romper 14 Inch Kids Bike

The Pello Romper stands ready for action as a great first bike for your all-terrain rider. The Romper will easily take your child from basic single-track to the skate park due to its knobby, softening Kenda air tires, no coaster brake, and dual-hands brakes.

Design and Features:

The Pello Romper 14′′ is designed to make the transition from the Pello Ripple balancing bike as easy as possible. With a seat height range of 17.25′′ – 21.25′′, the Romper is a fantastic fit for kids with inseams in this range.

Geometry & Frame

Riders sit in a comfortable but not overly relaxed body position due to the Romper’s mid-rise handlebars. More natural control and balance are possible as a result of this. While “aggressive” bikes have a more leaned-in, assertive body stance, we’ve discovered that most high-end 12′′ and 14′′ bikes keep kids upright.

Children are just learning how to balance while pedaling at this age. They’re thinking about a lot of things. A young, inexperienced rider should be kept in a more upright (natural) position, with the opportunity to lean in if needed. A bike with a forward-leaning body posture forces a youngster to ride in an aggressive position all of the time, which is not suitable for most novice riders.


With a 3.7 gain ratio, the Romper is geared similarly to other high-end bikes. This mid-range gearing lets growing riders easily gain speed, with the woom 2 and the Prevelo Alpha One both at 3.7. On a first pedal cycle, gaining speed immediately is critical since it is much easier for young riders to balance faster than slower-moving bikes.


The Romper’s Kenda K50 tires, at 14 x 2.1 inches, are the largest of those found on other high-end cycles with aggressive-tread tires. The Spawn Yoji has 14 x 1.9′′ tires, whilst the Prevelo Alpha One has 14 x 1.5′′ tires. The bike’s weight is increased by the heavier tires, which allows for more aggressive riding. The tires also give the Romper a more “mountain bike” than “road bike” appearance.


  • Kenda air tires are ideal for all-terrain riding
  • Dual Tektro handbrakes
  • Built with a sealed cartridge bearing for the most sensitive steering.
  • With higher gearing, kids may accelerate faster with each pedal stroke.
  • A larger frame and higher handlebars provide more growth room for taller or larger-framed youth.
  • Pello’s $20 freewheel kit can be used to remove the coaster brake.


  • Larger tires add weight, which could be an issue for inexperienced riders.


For your all-terrain rider, the Pello Romper is a fantastic first bike. The Romper is perfect for paved, dirt, gravel, or the skatepark due to its knobbly and cushioning Kenda tires. For diminutive or hesitant riders, the increased weight of the tires may be a hindrance.

Pello Romper 14 Inch Kids BikeFAQs – Best 14 Inch Bike For Kids

Why should I buy my child a bike?

One of the nicest gifts money can buy is a bicycle. Bikes provide kids a whole new degree of freedom, taking them away from the TV or gaming console and out into the world. While they’re at it, they’ll also stay fit and healthy! Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon bike ride or a car-free commute to school, cycling is a terrific way for families to bond.

What age is a 14 inch bike for?

3 and 4 years old kid can easily ride 14 Inch Bike.

Can a 3 year old Ride a 14 Inch Bike?

Ideally for 3 years old kid 12 Inch bike is best and if your kids older than 3 years or near to 4 years then 14 Inch Bike is best for your kids.

Is a 12 Inch Bike OK for a 4 year old?

The most suitable size bike for a 4 year old kids is either a 12 inch bike OR 16 Inch wheel, Its actually all depends on their height.

Is a 14 Inch bike good for a 4 year-old?

These 12 inch and 14 inch bicycles are suitable for children aged 2.5 to 5 years old, with a preference for 3 and 4-year-olds.

How tall should you be for a 14 Inch bike?

The chart below can help you determine which child is suitable for a 14 inch bike for your kids.

Kids bike size chart
Final Words:

The first thing to consider when choosing a children’s bike is the size, but it is far from the only factor to consider. Once you’ve determined what size bike your youngster requires, consider factors such as weight, geometry, brakes, tires, and whether or not to use training wheels. We’ve compiled a list of the top five 14 inch bikes that you should consider purchasing.